Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Vacation" in Colorado

We came to Pueblo, Colorado to visit family last week. It is nice to visit with everyone. We even got to go to our niece's 6th birthday party. Unfortunately, Gess ended up in the hospital on Sunday morning. He had some bleeding from his lung and a lot of lung pain. We went to the ER in Pueblo and he was admitted. Turns out his oxygen levels were really low too (probably caused in part by the altitude and in part because he is just to that point). Things have went fairly smoothly, especially considering the fact that we are at a non-CF center hospital. He has been here for 3 nights so far and I think that they will keep him one more night because they are going to give him a blood transfusion today.

We are getting home oxygen set up and also a portable concentrator for him to use on the airplane. I hope that we won't have big issues with all of this, especially with insurance, etc.

It has been great to have family around and to have them help out. I think that the reality of Gess's health has been hard on them (understandably so), but it has also been really good for them to learn about the procedures, etc. I feel good about the situation and think that this will help make things easier in the future. It has been good for relationships, etc.

So...hopefully we will be out of here soon and able to get back to Seattle.

On the transplant front...all of the appointments for the lung evaluation are set up. We start next Monday and it will be a whirlwind of appointments for about a month.

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