Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home and more hospital

So, we finally made it home from Colorado--thank goodness! It was great seeing family and hanging out, but it was not fun to be in a "foreign" hospital. The moral of the trip is that Gess cannot go to places with high altitude without supplemental oxygen and if we fly, he'll need oxygen.

The same day we got home from Colorado, Gess was admitted to our local hospital. He had quite a bit of bleeding from his lungs, which lead to the admission. I am worried about the increase in bleeding. It seems to be happening more frequently and the bleeds seem to be getting "bigger" (meaning more volume). The good news is that he feels like his exacerbation is getting better, so maybe less infection will lead to less bleeding. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

On the transplant front, yesterday (Monday) was the first day of testing. He got poked for a TB test and has to return tomorrow for the nurse to read the result. He also got paperwork and instructions for a bunch of blood work and a 24-hour urine test.

On Thursday he will have a bone density (DEXA) scan and also has an appointment with the diabetes clinic.

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