Thursday, July 15, 2010

Waiting and Health Update

Maybe the scheduler is preparing us for the frustration and helplessness of "the wait" or maybe she is flaky or maybe Gess keeps missing her calls...I don't know, but we are waiting to actually connect with the scheduler to set up the first round of appointment. Did I mention that waiting sucks?

Gess also took a trip to the ER this week. He was not feeling well and in typical Gessner-fashion debated it over and over. He finally called the pulmonary fellow on call and explained what was going on (shortness of breath, pain in his lung, increased cough, increased sputum, etc.) and *surprise* the doctor told him to come into the ER. I had taken an ambien already (I have major sleeping issues) and so wasn't in a good position to take him, so he opted to go by himself. He said that the ER was crazy busy and he waited in the waiting room for over 4 hours. The chest xray showed a spot (or lesion) on his right lung. They think that the spot is a bacteria infection (aka pseudomonas) but it could also be another fungal infection. Gess's main CF doctor recommended that he try to treat this infection at home because of the germ exposure at the hospital. So, after about 18 hours he came home with orders for IV meropenem, inhaled TOBI, and Demoral.

As for me--quite honestly I am exhausted in a way that I cannot fully explain. The exhaustion is beyond physical and can only be described as total. Not sure the best way to recover from this, so for now I will just continue to plug along.

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