Monday, July 19, 2010

Squeaking along

The squeaky wheel gets the I am squeaking away! We still haven't heard back from the scheduler, so today I called the transplant coordinator to check in. The coordinator said that she talked to the scheduler today about Gess, so that work is being done and we should hear soon. So, hopefully in the next couple of days we will get a call from the scheduler (or I'll squeak some more!).

On a health update...Gess is still not feeling well. He is sleeping a lot and not doing much else. He has lost so much weight, we are really worried about that. He weighed in at 114 the other day (fully dressed PLUS a lot of edema, which likely added at least a couple of pounds in water). This is definitely not good and it will definitely be on our list of issues to discuss at clinic in a couple of weeks. He will need to get his weight up for transplant and we're not sure how that is going to happen.

His mood is pretty low. Hopefully he will start to feel better soon and the mood will improve.

We are supposed to be heading to Colorado this week to visit his family, but I am really concerned about his ability to travel. I know that he does not want to hear it, but I'm not sure he is healthy enough and am afraid that the travel will end up making things worse. I want him to be able to see his family, but I am worried. So...we'll see how it goes.

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