Monday, October 11, 2010

Clinic Appointment

Gess had clinic today. I had to go to court so I wasn't able to go, but he gave me the blow-by-blow. Unfortunately there was some bad news. His PFTs are the lowest ever, with a predicted FEV1% of 35%. This is down by about 8% from baseline (he hasn't been able to do PFTs in awhile because of the lung bleeding, so his "baseline" could have slid down gradually).

The other bad news is that his weight is down to 112 pounds. This puts his BMI at 18.1. He has to be at least an 18 for transplant and they really want him to be much higher. So he needs to gain weight. If he can't do it on his own, they will put in a feeding tube. Apparently a feeding tube can be problematic with transplant too, so hopefully we won't have to go that route. For now it is going to be eating, eating, eating and at least 3 ensures a day.

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  1. Could his pfts be down too from just being so darn tired and not having the same amount of chest muscle to blow in the 40s like he's use? I'm always being told to do more exercise partly for that reason, to get my muscles stronger so they cough out more and all. Just a thought.

    I hope he can gain the weight on his own too. Ensures have something like 350 calories per can, but my nutritionist writes a script for Carnation Instant Breakfast cans that have 560 calories/per can. I use them in shakes everyday and you just get more calories then the ensures. You might want to ask about that.

    What happened with the TIPs again? I thought that was brought back up and put in the possibilities again.

    PEACE and HUGS to you ~